Unusual Destinations You’d Never Imagined You’d Explore, but Should


Are you unable to decide what your next destination for your vacation is? Do you want something different and exciting? Travel can teach us valuable lessons that can’t be taught at school. There’s a wealth of destinations to visit around the globe – certain places are more exclusive, and some are unknown. Why not take a trip to some of the most beautiful locations on the planet that are truly unique, with the promise of being the most memorable holiday you’ll ever take. This is a shortlist of a handful of amazing destinations across the globe that we strongly recommend.


If you’re in search of an area that resembles an enchanted piece of heaven, Mauritius is the place to be. The tiny, gorgeous island on the Indian Ocean is full of stunning blue-colored waters that make it the perfect place to indulge in water activities. With so many luxurious spas, resorts, and delicious food options, you must definitely visit this beautiful island.

South Korea

This could be one place you believed you wouldn’t be able to visit. However, South Korea is one unique location that is highly recommended to all. There’s plenty to explore and see and experience, including centuries of heritage and culture and stunning landscapes that will leave you in awe. A bustling, vibrant city with plenty to explore and experience. If this city wasn’t on your bucket list prior to now it, you should put it on your list now!



Situated in the Central South Pacific Ocean, Samoa is an island country comprising ten islands. Each island has its own distinct and distinct environment that you can explore. From sandy beaches and waterfalls to volcanoes and rainforests, there’s plenty to discover. A lot of people may not have known about this stunning island before, but there’s no doubt you should go and check this fascinating island out.


Small but significant nations make up one of the smaller countries in the United Kingdom. Wales is home to many beautiful castles with enchanting ambiance, stunning national parks, and stunning mountains. It is also known for its distinct Welsh language. However, do not let that stop you from exploring this amazing place. You’ll be sure to be amazed by the things Wales offers.


Indeed, Kazakhstan is actually the 9th biggest country on the planet. The government is renowned for its architectural structures and stunning mountainous scenery; however, if this isn’t your thing, there’s an amazing nightlife experience that you can enjoy. If you’ve heard that the capital city was dubbed “the strangest capital in the world,” Don’t be afraid and go to this city. It’s packed with excitement!

South Africa

Are you looking for a safari experience? Look for no other destination than South Africa; there is plenty of wildlife to see and experience that you’ll find yourself confused for words. And that’s not the only thing this amazing nation has on offer with stunning landscapes, wineries, and many stories and cultures. It’s our top pick. If you’ve ever desired to travel to Africa but were hesitant, it is best to begin in South Africa.