If you’re awestruck by technology in space or just with apps for your phone You can’t deny the impact of the advancements in technology. It’s possible that you’re not connected to the technology like software developers but you’re still surrounded by technology everywhere you move. If you want to ensure that technology becomes your best companion and to stay on the forefront of the latest technological developments, sign up to blogs. Based on your knowledge of technology and interest, you can follow the news in general or read about the tiniest deals in tech. IT world. Are you unsure where to begin your technical education as a non-technical student? Take a look at this list of technology blogs that our experts created for you.

BLOG #1: Technology at MIT REVIEW

The blog is written by tech experts of experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the blog covers a wide range of topics available. AI intelligent cities, smart cities change, health software – indulge in your sci-fi dreams in the most intelligent way. In addition to writing, the blog offers interviews with experts recorded as podcasts. If you’re looking to save time, look for an research essay writer service and receive one of the best essay for college. You can also browse your favourite blogs. Why should you choose “MIT Technology Review”? It is a part of an institution that is among the most prestigious within the US;
The pieces are written by professional writers with outstanding credentials.
Every data item is peer reviewed, but that data is provided by academics;
There’s a podcast that is suitable for those who like digesting information in a clear and audible way.


BLOG #2: Technology Crunch

If you’re studying business management and finance this blog is an ideal resource for you. The authors of this blog can tell you everything you need to know about technology and its applications in business. The majority of the time they focus on startups in the tech sector and their strategies to build businesses. If you are planning to launch your own software-based business we suggest that you sign up to TechCrunch the earliest you are able to. What are the benefits of ‘TechCrunch’? You will receive the most up-to-date business news from the IT finance and financial sector;
There’s plenty of information regarding credit cards, apps as well as loans.
The blog is available with an Extra Crunch Membership. If you select this option you will be able to read the most recent business cases and have all the information stored.


This blog is one of the most well-known blogs for technology Millennials. What’s the reason? People are fascinated by reading about how they can enhance their smartphone. This isn’t an unwelcome surprise. This was an opportunity to enter the outer world for youngsters with better technology solutions and more possibilities. This blog is ideal for those who are just beginning to know more about electronic and mobile technology. It’s always possible to learn about the latest applications one could install, or even the older ones must be updated. Why does it say ‘BGR’??
It is possible to find buying guidelines and reviews of the most recent technologies before you actually purchase the products;
The blog will teach you how to make the right choices regarding every day technology.


If you are a student who is interested in who are interested in an online design career as well as social media creation, ReadWrite is a great source. The authors tackle a variety of non-related subjects. Some of them include smart cities, fintech, media, web design and social networking. The most important word is ‘ecosystem.. Each of the non-related subjects contribute to readers’ understanding of the business as a specific system that has distinct elements. Modern business needs social media as well as web-based design in order to function isn’t it? Add fintech expertise and you’re good to take off. BLOG #5: MAGIC of Technology
Its blog has has been awarded numerous prizes, will be waiting to welcome you to join as a new reader! The perfect choice for tech enthusiasts or those who hate technology, ‘The Wonder of Tech’ is an aim to show readers how to utilize technology. The author of the blog will show you how to improve your user experience, in terms of security, effectiveness as well as security. The blog also offers daily tips on how you can welcome technology into your daily life. If you’re currently averse to technology you’ll be awestruck after reading this blog. Try it! It’s free.


If you’re interested in creating high-quality software for your businesses in the near future, you should start reading ‘Computer World’ now. The application is targeted towards those who wish to implement technological solutions to improve the efficiency of their business operations. The blog will show you how to integrate your knowledge of business management with the best innovations in the IT sector.

What is the reason to read “Computer World”?

You’ll learn more about the relationship between the modern-day business and technology;
You’ll be taught how to improve the performance of computer networks.
Naturally, you’ll find all the information you’ve ever thought you wanted to learn about computer technology, but you were afraid to ask.


The name is enough to speak for itself. You didn’t have time to keep up-to-date on the latest technology news? Join this blog. It covers everything from mobile and computing technology to networking. There are channels that focus on managing data as well as software development gaming, and other topics.

If you’re unable to choose an article you wish to read, click the “Most Popular” page and browse the website from there.

The blog is mostly focused on the way that the software can solve issues for enterprises. This is another great option to blend business management with IT.


One of the first pioneers in technology blogging, Boing Boing is an enjoyable site to look around. The layout of the website is simple, and has four sections, and also reminds users of the advertiser’s website.

Boing Boing functions like a separate entity, rather than a general technology blog. With the search feature you will find everything you’re looking for. Additionally, going to the Store section, you will be able to discover discounts on gadgets and software.

Final Thoughts
To avoid being sucked into the plethora of applications available be sure to know how to pick the ones that you require. It’s the same for buying new laptops or smartphones. To find more tips and advice on the technology world visit the blogs listed in our article.

We hope that the information we provided will be useful to you. Best of luck in your conquer of messengers and apps!