The most luxurious locations you can Only Dream Of Visiting


You have likely been reading an article about incredible places you didn’t realize you could pay for or destinations that are recommended to visit. Have you considered the areas that you aren’t able to see without spending an arm and an arm, and Certain places are designed to be accessible to the extremely wealthy, famous, and those with more money? However, that doesn’t mean these locations aren’t beautiful since they are. Gorgeous architectural designs, as well as breathtaking sights. Many of these places on this list are breathtaking. Perhaps one day, you’ll also be able to go there if you’re fortunate. Keep reading to discover the destinations you’re able to only dream about visiting, and perhaps save your money (for a long time) to visit!

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Officially an administrative region within the Principality of Monaco, This is the home of the renowned Monte Carlo Casino. It is possible to get to Monaco quite easily and at a reasonable cost from the nearby French city of Nice. A bus ride will take under an hour to get up to Monte Carlo, and it doesn’t cost more than one Euro. Does that sound good? If you make it to Monaco, however, that’s when prices rise. According to a 2021 Savills study, Monaco has been named the world’s most costly luxury real estate marketplace in the world as a whole in spite of a modest decrease in the previous year. One square millimeter in Monaco amounts to about EUR 48,150. This is if you calculate how much square footage the average apartment is… When you take the location as well as other factors into consideration… WOW. A tax haven is a popular term where a third of Monaco’s residents are millionaires. There are billionaires also living in the city. The luxurious hotel (Hotel Monte-Carlo de Paris) that is associated with the casino could cost you over $1000 per night. If you’re planning on visiting it, be sure to are staying somewhere less expensive (or within Nice! ).

The Fiji Islands

It is the home of 332 beautiful islands, white beaches, palm trees, and amazing tropical breezes and crystal clear waters. If you think of a luxury holiday, it’s likely that Fiji is among the destinations that pop into the forefront of your mind. However, some islands are so costly that even if you can afford them, then why would you want to? If, for instance, you decide to go to Laucala, which is a Fijian island Laucala where you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome by the people of the island in a ritual called sevusevu(gift-giving ceremony). While this may sound appealing but the drink you get and the welcome are coupled with a landing fee of approximately $15,000 dollars. Wow, and that’s only the landing fee. I can’t imagine that a luxury hotel is much more expensive…


Bora Bora

Bora Bora was so good that they have called it twice. The island is breathtakingly beautiful, like Fiji. However, despite its beauty, it’s one of those luxurious islands that mainly only the wealthy and famous people are allowed to visit. The island is located in French Polynesia, and a hotel in this area can cost more than $1000 per night. This island has an unspoiled underwater world. It is possible to visit the reef, home to hundreds of vibrant coral fish. With stunning beaches, luxurious hotels, and top dining establishments, The island is frequented by famous faces like Vince Vaughn, Jane Fonda, and Diana Ross.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A city literally born from the ground; it wasn’t a long time when Dubai was nothing more than an empty desert. Today, Dubai is a place that is home to numerous shopping malls, beautiful beaches, and luxurious hotels and eateries. Dubai has the second-highest number of five-star hotels around the globe, which is behind only London, England. It is located within Dubai, which is located in the Arabian Peninsula; Dubai aims to become the hub of business for Western Asia. Dubai has derived a large portion of its wealth through oil revenues, something that certainly has accelerated its growth processes of Dubai. Hotels in the city even offer ocean views from a glass inside a private hotel room. Hotels can quickly run over 11,000 dollars per night in Dubai, and a yacht can cost just a small $1400 an hour. Dubai is growing in popularity, and if you have budgeted carefully, you may be able to have the money to spend a vacation in Dubai. A city that is known as the most popular holiday destination in the world, but if you want to experience the luxurious lifestyle here, it will cost you.