Never say these 5 phrases to be the Best Customer Service Ever


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Replace these sentences with intelligent, optimistic, and straightforward ways to become the finest customer service that will never lose a customer no matter what!

Losing a customer can have a big negative impact on your business. It can happen for a variety of reasons, the majority of which occur while servicing your customers, meaning that communication is the most important aspect of providing the best possible customer service.

Briefly speaking, it doesn’t matter what type of customer service you work at, whether it’s problem-solving, technical support, at reception, or in a call center… You don’t have to fall for and repeat some lines to gain your customers’ confidence and loyalty. 


Instead, here’s what you should say and how you may improve your service as well.


  • If they are not sure, they will not contact you!

The consumer isn’t always right, but making them feel wrong or dumb will never help the problem; that is to say, doubting the customer or someone’s words or emotions makes them feel even worse.

Instead, if you believe they made a mistake, ask questions to better understand what happened, which means you must make an effort to keep the dialogue focused on solutions rather than the problem. For example, you could say, “Can you remind me again, please, so I can make sure I’m taking care of what went wrong?”


  • Customers are unconcerned with service policies.

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Because of the service policy of your service company, call center, and so on, you may occasionally find yourself in the middle. However, after hearing phrases like “It’s against our rules,” the customer may become quite nervous and frustrated.

If someone’s concern has been raised to a senior staff member, they are unlikely to be interested in your store policy. They want to know how their problem can be solved to their satisfaction. Rather than telling them their request is against the policy, offer to address the situation.

In brief, give solutions, not obstacles. That is to say, one could say, “Thank you for your patience, and you may already know how much we appreciate our company and customers… I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem. I’d be delighted to provide you with (X) or (X and Y) or (choose one of them). 


  • The situation cannot be solved immediately. Be direct and specific.

customer service in call center


It is usual to find yourself unable to deal with the customer’s problem right away, so you may need to confer and communicate with the work team to do additional studies to locate the ideal solution that the customer is seeking.

In such instances, it is crucial to take your time before responding, but the most important thing is to avoid stating “I will get back to you” or “I will call you back”… such words cause the client to lose faith. The customer will be frustrated and nervous, thinking that you are attempting to deceive them and are at a loss for what to do.

In this regard, if you find yourself in such a situation, you should calm down, focus, and explain to the customer the direct reason that prevents you from fixing and dealing with the problem, and don’t forget to tell them that you will call at a specific time and date, and the sooner the date, the better.


  • Even if it is not your department, the customer always comes first.

customer service in call center

No matter what the reason is, customers expect the first person they speak with to be able to solve their problem, which means that when a customer contacts you, bear in mind that you have to empower your workers to become the primary point of contact, so the consumer only has to deal with one person.

In this regard, you can do many things to be prepared and improve your customer experience, such as being aware of policies, processes, and FAQs so that you’ll be able to resolve the most basic customer issues.

To sum up, you can say the following: “I can surely help you, but (X) is the expert on this, and I’d like to bring them into the loop; is that all right?” 

You can also say: “I can help you a lot, but (X) are experts, and they can do more than give help; that’s why I strongly advise you to let me bring them into the loop if you might be so polite to let me do so?”…


  • Do not allow customers to repeat themselves.


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It’s annoying to finally reach a live representative only to have to repeat oneself, which means that if someone called your customer service team, he or she has most likely previously provided their contact information multiple times.

You don’t have to say anything in this regard; instead, consider alternatives, such as using a CRM solution that keeps track of client information to guarantee you have the information you need to handle the person’s issue right immediately.

Alternatively, seek answering software that saves each person’s information and obtains a history of their contracts with the company each time an agent answers the phone.


To deliver excellent customer service, it is critical to remember that the customer is the primary purpose of the service…

This means that satisfying customers, listening to their problems, and attempting to find solutions is preferable to making the problem bigger and more complicated; because sometimes calming a customer is more important than solving the problem itself, especially since many customers’ problems can be solved in minutes even if they appear challenging to solve!