Apple, Google, and Microsoft jointly announce: You do not need to remember passwords anymore


Instead of having to remember hundreds of passwords and waiting for leaks to occur, All the major corporations have declared that they will support a universal which allows you to transform your smartphone to be a security tool.

In lieu of passwords, you can use Passkeys that you don’t even know.

A lot of security experts will inform you that passwords written down are simply something You Know. This is information that only you know, but in reality, it’s possible to guess. In contrast, Something You Have is an item that you can use to prove access, for instance, the email you received an access code for or your smartphone, which could be utilized to show you have the device. Also, make sure to use Something You Are, an identifier in physical form that is only unique to you, such as fingerprints or facial structures. The combination of these three is the most effective method to ensure that you keep your various accounts safe. This is the place where FIDO is a key component.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have announced a partnership in the FIDO initiative. It allows us to use smartphones as the primary identification device so that we can sign in to websites, accounts, and platforms, similar to how we connect your phone. This means that we simply have to recognize your device with the use of a face scan, fingerprint (or even using the pattern or code we choose), and it generates an encrypted Passkey that is an encrypted token that is then transferred to the website you are trying to access and permits us to access the site without having to enter a password. In real life, when we access a support website, instead of identifying using the laptop and then entering the username and password, simply send us a text message on our phone and request us to press your finger onto the reader or draw the pattern that opens or gaze towards the faces of the device.


Therefore even if hackers attempt to gain access to your accounts and get your password and email, they will require physical access to the devices and possibly your biometric information too, which makes the phishing attack less risky. However, you also get an incredibly uniform and easy user experience as you do not need to remember all the passwords that have long ago been leaked online; instead, you simply log in to your accounts the moment you switch on your phone.

We’ll begin to take action by the end of next year.


The FIDO device isn’t a new invention in any way, and if you’re in the category of an Android person, it is possible that you might have already used your smartphone in a security code to access your accounts in the year 2019. The good news is that all businesses can support the standard, which allows you to access your primary accounts with the same method and make use of all the popular mobiles, browsers as well as laptops, and tablets all over the world. That means that you can eliminate the passwords on your websites and accounts. Suppose you begin to think that you might lose access to your account in the event that your phone is lost or damaged, According to Google. In that case, your personal Passkeys are stored on the cloud, which means it is possible to transfer them to an alternative device with no issues.

The majority of companies have stated that they’ll implement FIDO across all their systems in the coming year. In the meantime, you’ll be required to protect against hackers using more common methods such as Two-Step Verification and authentication software of different types.