7 Fully Remote businesses You Can Begin


If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to work from home, Here are seven businesses that you can begin at home from your couch.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered into an age where many people would like the ability to work at home. People who want to start their own businesses but have left their jobs during the chaos in “The Great Resignation” now have the chance to profit from today’s working from home culture by setting up businesses that can operate entirely at home.

If you’re looking for a start-up idea that doesn’t need a physical warehouse or office space, There are a few options for businesses that are remote, and you can begin right now.


Services for creating content

With so many companies operating online, each business requires a presence on the internet as there is an ongoing demand for online content. There are a variety of possibilities to pursue as a small content-creation business. If you’re an experienced editor or writer, you can work on copywriting assignments for clients that require blogs, emails, newsletters, thought-leadership articles, captions for social media as well as e-books as well as other written content. If you’re more adept at visual content, you can create custom videos and images for clients by using top-quality editing software.

Translation services

As more and more companies utilize technological advances in order to “go globally,” there is an increasing demand of the services of a translator to help these businesses communicate with their international clients efficiently. This is a great remote business concept for anyone who has experience in a range of languages and knows the basics of copywriting and marketing.

If you’re skilled or proficient in the language of another, it is possible to help companies reach a larger audience by writing copy that is custom-made to their target audiences, such as local idioms, cultural references, and other words that aren’t always translated perfectly from the language of origin. Apart from any additional language-related training, you might be looking to expand your existing knowledge base. The most expensive expense is investing in an extensive library of reference materials, including dictionaries as well as grammar books.


Virtual assistant

There are more people who are interested in entrepreneurship than ever before. Census data suggests that business applications for new businesses were up by more than 20% year over the previous year in December 2021. New entrepreneurs typically rely on virtual assistants in order to help with mundane but crucial administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and billing customers, coordinating customer requests, and managing databases. This idea of a business online is perfect for meticulous people who have the capability of managing and organizing large amounts of data while keeping an eye on multiple projects at the same time.

Travel planning

COVID-19 has made travel difficult. When planning trips, travelers must be aware of local laws as well as vaccination requirements and COVID case rates which could hinder or disrupt their travel plans. Remote travel agents can assist clients in finding and booking COVID-friendly trips and gather all required health and safety requirements all in one location and ease the burden off travelers.


Personal shopping

With the many choices and online stores, customers don’t always know where to begin when searching for specific products, such as clothing or furniture for their homes. A personal shopper can assist their customers in finding and buying things they’ll enjoy while adhering to their spending limits. Video chats, screens sharing, and Augmented Reality can assist you in creating an immersive shopping experience for your customer. When they’ve decided on the items, they would like it to be possible to get products delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep.


If you’ve got a lot of experience and have achieved success in your chosen field, you might consider being a consultant. Consultants working in areas such as business expansion marketing, sales, sales, and human resources can help clients develop a clear plan to achieve their objectives. Companies are usually ready to invest in professional insight and outcomes — Payscale places the average business consultant’s income at around $75,000 per annum. If you’re looking to make the most of your experience in your field and work as an independent contractor and your business, a remote-based consulting company could be the right choice for you.

Web and IT development

Based on CompTIA, the number of jobs in the technology sector is projected to grow around twice as fast as the overall jobs across the U.S., with some particular tech jobs increasing by up to five times the national average rate. The rise of remote workers has led to this rise in demand, which means that this could be an excellent choice for you if you have an IT background. Remote access to computers and servers at the company allows you to collaborate with clients from anywhere globally or across the globe.