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Here you can see where do the different skill sets apply depending on where a company is in its analytics maturity model. The first thing we’ll do is we will look at the most mentioned data analyst skills, and then i’m going to show you guys something which is called the data analytics maturity model, and then we’re going to take those first skills and we’re going to apply those to that model we’re going to look at during that maturity model which a lot of companies are going on when are these skills actually applicable and relevant for them.

So maybe you guys can identify that this skill set is something that a lot of companies are looking for, at this moment depending on where they are in their journey and then there are other skills that might be relevant for them at a late at a later time because just because you are learning a skill doesn’t mean that the company is ready to actually take that skill into use because there’s a lot of external factors which you really can’t do anything about which is you know. It’s data architecture it is data quality it is data literacy there are so many other things that are not really reliant on your skillset but where the company is in its journey to become data-driven, so these are some of the skills that as he mentioned again and again.

If you want to become a data analyst or if you want to become a data professional so you got advanced analysis slash machine learning you get critical thinking data visualization to excel presentation skills SQL some soft skills some technical skills a good mixture but you guys have seen this before what we’re going to do now is we’re going to take these skills and we’re going to apply those to something which is called a data analytics maturity model. This is a journey which a lot of companies are on right now as they’re trying to become more data-driven so let’s take a look at that now if you look from the left side towards the right you will see that there are different faces which companies are going on so let’s start at the left and you can see it says low towards high which is kind of the complexity, which it takes to get towards the right side so starting off. You know you have enterprise data management operational reporting hindsight you’re talking about what happened we have reports we can tell us what happened yesterday what happened two weeks ago what happened one month ago and then we move on further along the axis then we’re gonna ask why did something happen? And that is where you have more.

You know you’re starting to create data warehouses you’re starting to consolidate data you know you have visualization you have standardization a lot of companies are working on this today they want to not only be able to understand what happened yesterday but they want to be able to kind of see the context through visualization should you know through these you know power bi tableau click tools that can filter and you can easily you can ask a question then you can move along you can filter yourself to an answer and then you can ask something else and then we have you know predictive modeling um you know foresight predictiveness you can see business simulations predictive analytics what will happen, and this is what a lot of companies want to do now.

A data scientist is about prediction you know what is going to happen in the future based on what we have learned from our data previously and then we kind of have the pinnacle we understand what is going to happen now how can we actually make something happen this is kind of the journey that a lot of companies are on now and the skills that we looked at in the previous slide are applicable to to to this model in different phases so if we look at the skills we can start off by advancing analysis and machine learning that really becomes applicable towards when a company is starting to look at what will happen how can we make it happen this is not only technical this is also something that has to happen as a culture a company has to be ready to use advanced analysis and machine learning. If you move on to the next skills then you have critical thinking and no matter which face you are in here, you have to be able to be someone who can think critically because that’s just some skill set which you have. If we look at data visualization you know when that comes really into place when you start the inside phase you got Microsoft excel also you know something that is used a lot to explain what happened because you know static reporting but also when why did something happen because you can use excel with data sources that have been standardized.

So you can explain why did something happen and you can definitely use that and you know excel is something you can use across but let’s try and think when doing these skills play in as kind of a what can I say? An essential thing to make sure that the company can move through these different phases you know we got presentation skills and no matter which face you are in as someone who works with data and needs to communicate with business people, you got to be able to present it in a way so that they understand what you’re doing because it’s so easy to think that the stuff that you work with day in day out you are so used to it that you almost forget about the complexity of what you’re doing, so you got to be able to communicate that to the business side the last thing is SQL and I put that halfways on the hindsight because you might not have started to create databases but you might still have some operational reporting and that also goes through um towards the predictive.

Now here you can see where do the different skill set apply depending on where a company is in its analytics maturity model and because a lot of you guys are trying to get a job you guys want to break into the industry what you also have to ask yourself is where are the big massive companies on this journey and that is what we’re going to try and show you guys now. You will see that I’ve placed a smaller dot on the cognitive intelligence and machine learning because that is so far ahead that I would say that not a lot of companies are there and are actually using that in their daily business then we have some companies who are on their way from the inside phase towards predictive and once again this is not only technically it’s not architecturally it’s also the company is mature in terms of like I said data literacy their quality all these other external things which have nothing to really do with a cup an employee and his own skills then we have a lot of companies are in this inside phase they are they are now starting to use visualization tools they’re starting to standardize they’re starting to uh to kind of create you know good data warehouses their data quality is becoming better and better then.

we have some companies who are still lagging behind who wants to move into inside phase and my whole point with this article is that if you want to be a data analyst or data scientist or whatever, it is that you’re trying to do it is good that you’re trying to learn these skills but you also have to think about where will i find a bigger target because the bigger the target the more opportunities you have so when you’re thinking about your your skills you might want to think about what skills can i learn right now which are applicable to a lot of other companies or a lot of companies out there and then how can i grow with that company as it goes along this maturity model, because if you join a company which is in the inside phase they are going to eventually move towards the predictive phase and before you know it you are also working on predictive analytics you don’t have to join a company that is in their predictive phase you can join someone who is in their inside phase and then you can grow with it you have to kind of pick your focus and that is your ace and then i think you should think about these other skills such as i’m not an expert at it but if i were to be asked to do something about it at least i know where to go, if we try to create a pyramid at the end i think presentation skills and critical thinking is you know it’s so essential no matter, what kind of company you want to join? And what you want to join depending on where they are on their journey SQL is also very essential and there are so many companies out there where you can apply SQL skills and you can really use that in the inside space and you can also use that in the foresight phase.

The predictive phase excels data visualization because a lot of companies are in their inside phase they are still relying on excel they’re starting to use data visualization or they have started, and they want to use it more I think that’s also something that you guys can learn a skill set that you need to know as a data analyst but also a skill set which is good to get good at. Because it’s applicable to a lot of companies out there where they are in their journey I mean you can focus on machine learning you can focus on advanced analysis, there are definitely companies out there who want you to know that and wants you to learn that and might be ready to use, but if you’re trying to break into the industry you might want to focus on somewhere between the inside and the foresight face and maybe there are more targets for you in the inside phase and you might have to accept that as you grow you can grow into that role which also knows foresight so that is a different way to think about your skill maybe it gives you a different perspective on how you should focus your skill or how you prioritize what you’re trying to learn as you’re trying to learn more about data analytics you know data analysis or data scientists or whatever it is you’re trying to do.

I’m just trying to offer you guys or challenge you to think about how you prioritize your skills it may be a different way to make sure that you are focusing on the skill at the right time which a lot of companies are open to and ready to use at this moment this is where a lot of the companies are and which skill is it that would make me you know be able to join those companies where they are in their journey then you can grow with as it goes so it’s just me trying to give you guys a different perspective different way to look at it it is hard it’s a hard topic it’s a heart.