19 ideas for creative content for the future social media posts


Social media, you’re in need of it. However, they also require you. In other words your innovative ideas.

Let’s face it, for some time, we put posts that are boring in a file cabinet like an episode from a television show with no sound, then we release something new.

Do you feel demotivated? With this article, it’s not going to last too long!


1. It’s not just me saying it.

Quotes are always a good thing. Although they may not be very unique, but they are still stimulating. Furthermore it is a sign that you are a cultured person. In addition having the right to quote your cheesemonger as well as Shakespeare Isn’t it beautiful?

However, as you can you don’t only speak about them. Put them in photos. All you need is a beautiful background, a frame as well as your company’s logo, to help the most stale quote shine once more.

2. Beware of books based on their cover

Covers for Facebook is the very first element that people will see when they come to your page. After they’ve been signed up, they’re informed when coverage changes. Are you able to see what I’m talking about?

Make your covers into publications for a conversation about you and your new products, or what interests your… Your fame won’t be cold We guarantee it.

(oh sure, of course this method also works with different social networks. Yes, indeed (even Linkedin)


3. Which one do you prefer?

Polls are a popular topic for everyone to be involved. Particularly when they’re not discussing politics. Also, they’re depicted in pictures.

You can share them in your posts on Facebook or Twitter, and also on the Instagram stories. For the beginning of the school year are you still keeping a diary from January or September?

4. Create your own series

Are you able to share a collection of images that have been particularly successful or images that are based that share the same theme? Great! It’s because it’s not boring at all.

You can put them in various frames to highlight the things you would like to emphasize.

In addition this approach will also allow people who aren’t the first ones to find the other (yes sometimes, the information on social networks is too rapid for certain people, and one may wonder what the reason).

5. Copying is a good thing

What works for other people is effective for you.

If a subject is mentioned in the news today take it as yours. Also, you can use a hashtag on the top ten that will appear in your feeds of news and allows you to be found by new people. Why should you be deprived of this, honestly?

  • Our recommendation:
    It is not always easy to predict trends. But international or national holidays and back-to-school days and holidays make up the events that are bound to be top of the list. Create visuals for these days!

6. You are among the other

Whatever you sell, you’re at the core an individual. or a company comprised of humans.

It’s good to be sure to remind Internet people of this. It is also a good idea to remind users that, like us, you’ll need #MondayMotivation or a caffeine energy boost to get you going for the day.

7. Create your own movies

Videos are always in demand in social networks. Make your own or, every now and then make sure to share others’ videos that are in line with your brand’s message or image.

The little characters that move across the screen immediately catch your attention of the. They are looking at you.


8. You are alive

Live is a live, random aspect that arouses curiosity. It could be just to get started or chat about…whatever you’d like.

You can also include live streams in your stories from time the moment (plus you can get alerts in this scenario. It’s amazing that you let the system handle all the work Isn’t it?)

9. Blend it in

Are you aware of those tiny profile photo frames that people share to Facebook for a brief period (one week in the average)? Perhaps do you see them on Snapchat as Geofilters?

Next time, they’ll have yours! The location might be especially relevant to an event you’re hosting but other venues are equally interesting to make people talk about you.

On Facebook All you need do is visit their official page to create your own. That’s simple, isn’t it?

10. Answer questions

Instagram Stories are getting more efficient.

With”question” stickers “question” stickers You can allow Internet users to send you any questions they’d like. Then, you can respond directly on the internet. Start by answering them.

11. Post a customer testimonial

Are your customers satisfied? Tell your followers by sharing their reviews to social media. It’s a great method to encourage social interactions and to convince your followers to join your company. The recognition of customers should be promoted frequently to show your professional competence.

For the purpose of displaying a testimonial from a customer it is possible to create an article that includes a picture of the client and the testimonial in a short written, clear text. If the message is more convincing when it is accompanied by photos, you could use text instead.

12. Storytelling

It doesn’t matter if you’re Beyonce to be able to share your story via social media. Without getting into the details it is possible to share humorous or interesting tales to the people you follow through social networks. If you’ve been through an interesting experience during your working day then you can make an article about it so that your followers respond.

13. The show will take you behind the scenes

Why not show the inside of your day-to-day life with postings in social networks? This innovative post idea will show your viewers the places you work, where you are organized and even your work space. We strongly suggest that you get your workspace cleaned before you begin recording an account of your typical working day!

14. Your products are in motion

If you are selling products Do not be reluctant to approach your customers asking them to take photographs. Then, you can share pictures of your products in action across all your social media platforms. This idea of creativity is commonly utilized in the clothing industry however it could be utilized to promote numerous products, or even services. It is best to present images that are of high quality and are able to highlight the items.

15. Showcase your library

You may have a space within your library devoted to an area that is interesting to you. You can share your most loved readings in an online publication. Your followers will certainly be curious to learn more about the common interests or hobbies. It is also possible to share your most recent personal readings to establish a connection to your readers.

16. Create a tutorial carousel

As an industry expert, then you may have plenty of knowledge you can share with your readers. This post concept is designed to simplify the lives of your customers by sharing tutorials or other tips. It could be an array of tutorials that you can show off the content on the Instagram page. To ensure that you provide pertinent advice, you have to be aware of the concerns of your target audience . That is why we are looking for the next idea for our creative thinking.

17. Ask followers to give their opinion

A lot of brands aren’t afraid to ask their customers or customers for their services or products. Does the product they receive meet the expectations of their customers? If not, why not? What can they expect from your service? What can you do to enhance your offerings?

Answering these queries will enhance the user experience as well as create interactions through social networks.

18. Present your lead magnet

This is the perfect moment to promote your free offer via social media. You can promote your ebook for free with its outstanding content or provide a free trial of your offerings. A lead magnet is a high quality content that is designed to turn your customers to leads. It’s a good inventive idea to create social media posts that will draw new followers to your page. It’s also a means to encourage your readers to go to your site.

19. Recycle content

Here’s an innovative concept for your next blog post which maximizes your time as well as can reach a wider public. This type of content marketing method involves reuse of content that has been published in different formats in order to publish it across multiple media. For instance, you could break up the blog’s content article and then turn it into multiple publications. Why not share the content of your most recent newsletter across your different media?

Our tip

Explore new and innovative concepts for the coming social media posts, and increase your following! Use these ideas and content to build an effective connection to your social media community.